Christmas traditions
My Christmas traditions back home in India I have always been very keen when it came to Christmas. Religiously my family does not celebrate Christmas, so I have not had the regular traditions as everyone else. However, my family and I love to do something anyway. In India, we have […]

My Christmas traditions back home in India

A True Life Insurance Story This is a true-life insurance story. Enrique Torres had a very similar situation happen to him in his career. Events and information have been changed for the privacy of the individuals. A story of family I’ve been asked to share one of my true life […]

A True Life Insurance Story

Nutrition tips for the day I would like to share some nutrition tips on how to make your life happier and less stressful in this post. There is a small difference between health and nutrition. Health is referred to the care and maintenance required by our body on a regular […]

Nutrition tips for the day

How does Music enhance your ability to work? Have you had a time where you felt super depressed and low? Your world seemed to be falling apart? You were not motivated to work on making things right? I guess everyone has had that phase. That is when you suddenly listen […]

Music elevates productivity

Avoid flu
Western and Desi ways to avoid flu this winter It is already winters and the flu season is here. Here are some basic ways to take care of yourself from the flu. Make sure you follow these to avoid flu or recover from the flu this winter. Wash your hands […]

How to avoid flu this winter

What Can I Expect When Filling Out My Life Insurance Policy Applications can be stressful, however, being prepared is helpful. Here are some tips to help with a stress-free application process. Make sure you have all your information ready! Having your information ready can help relieve stress. That’s why you […]

Life Insurance Application: What to expect.

Getting ready for the winter How to get ready for winter? It is almost December and it is time you get geared up for the winter. Stock your house with a lot of food and warm clothes. Here are some tips on how to make your winter more comfortable and […]

How to get ready for winter

Is it better to be a vegetarian? We all have heard a vegetarian and vegan diet is always better than red meat. Here are some scientific facts proving it. There are various theories over losing weight by quitting meat or living long after you stop eating meat and become a […]

Is it better to be a vegetarian?

marine drive
Weather in India Winter is great weather across the world. Of course, it is not very pleasant everywhere, but it is worth enjoying for at least some time. Weather in India is diverse just like its culture. We all know, the norther we go, the cooler it gets due to […]

Weather in India

Mindfulness Tips for the Day “A chaotic mind is a house for an evil mind,” don’t you think that is true? I think a lot and I overthink and then I think again way too much when I don’t have anything productive to do. When I am busy, I keep […]

Mindfulness Tips for the Day