Empower Brokerage Reviews

Empower Brokerage Reviews have been very good. Reviews from independent insurance agents have been the best, and from staff employees, they’ve been good as well.

The Empower Brokerage home office is a very busy place. It’s fast-paced and there’s never a time to be bored. Definitely, there’s no time to waste. Thus some past employees didn’t enjoy their jobs because of this fact. Most professionals love working at Empower Brokerage because we help so many people each day, that we end our days feeling like we accomplished something.

Empower Brokerage reviews from consumers is also very good because our agents spend all the time needed to help them understand and choose solutions that are best for them and their families. Insurance can be a complicated situation and it takes a well-educated and patient professional to explain things to people and to do things right.

Empower now has regularly scheduled educational seminars at our new home office in Southlake, Texas. These seminars include:

  • Medicare choices
  • Transitioning to Medicare at Retirement
  • Paying off Debt in 9 years or less, including the Mortgage
  • Retiring Tax-Free
  • Never Outliving Your Money
  • Health Insurance Choices
  • and more

The office is comfortable and nestled in a scenic area of Southlake, TX next to a historic stagecoach trail between Dallas & Fort Worth. It is convenient to the DFW Airport and many hotels, shopping, entertainment, and restaurants.

Some testimonial quotes from Agents about Empower Brokerage:

“I love learning what Empower teaches. It’s always valuable information and helps me give better service to my clients”.

“Empower Brokerage is first-class”.

“I’m always treated very well. I like the people at Empower”.

Some employee quotes about Empower Brokerage

“It’s a solid job with a very stable company. I like it”

“I learn a ton”

“Whew!..What a day! I got so much done!”

Some consumer quotes about Empower Brokerage

“Thank you for your help and your patience. I realize I took a long time making my decision, but thank you for helping me through it”.

“I gave up on getting life insurance until I met you all. Now it got done and I’m so relieved”.

Empower Brokerage can be reached at https://www.empowerbrokerage.com