Photo of multiple screens showing the stock market
You have done it. You bought the biggest house on the street. You have made the final car payment. You’re set! You no longer have money going to anyone else! It stays in your own pockets! Well, what do you do with your money now? Sure, you could always take […]

Should You Invest In The Stock Market?

When tackling debt, there are unlimited ways you can go about it. Each one might receive promotion as the ideal method, but that truly depends on each individual and how they best interact with money. The snowball method is one of the more popular debt reduction methods. This strategy focuses […]

Crushing Debt with the Snowball Method

A mom and dad sit and hug their son while sitting outside.
When you love someone, you want the best for them and desire to see them living well, safe, healthy, and happy. What if you were to pass away? How do you keep your family and loved ones enjoying these positive attributes? There must be provision to secure them from struggling […]

Love With Life Insurance

Finding a hobby that resonates deeply with you is a journey of self-discovery, offering much more than a simple pastime. It’s a path to enhancing personal growth, uncovering new passions, and injecting an extra layer of joy and fulfillment into your life. Hobbies present a unique opportunity to explore activities […]

Finding a Hobby Perfect For You

Harness the power of compound interest.
Remember setting up your very own lemonade stand as a kid? Maybe it was gum or popsicles. My childhood was not about a lemonade stand – it was a chocolate bar bazaar. For me, selling chocolate bars, lollipops, and candy was not just satisfying cravings but reaping the sweet payday […]

Compound Interest and Exponential Gain

A woman lovingly holds her child at the beach.
Did you know that when you purchase life insurance, you might be able to save on your taxes? Life insurance primarily functions as a safety net, but these policies might also give you tax advantages. Let us explore different life insurance options that allow practical coverage while keeping more dollars […]

Taxes and Life Insurance

Life often presents us with crossroads, moments where the path ahead seems unclear. During these times, finding purpose can feel like an elusive quest. Yet, it is in these periods of uncertainty that we can redefine our direction and rediscover what truly matters to us. Recognizing Life’s Transitions Transitions in […]

Finding Purpose in Life’s Transitions

an elderly couple looking at each other endearingly.
Discussing with your parents what you do when they pass is never a fun conversation, but it is critical to have that talk. Do you know what you are supposed to do with their assets? Who gets the house? How do you transfer ownership? Are you aware of the last […]

Are You Prepared For Your Parent’s Passing?

State flags decoratively fly beside each other in front of Mount Rushmore.
You probably know your home state flag, or at least you would recognize it if you saw it. If you live anywhere in the nation long enough, you will see a state flag regularly outside schools, post offices, and other places around town. An intriguing history remains behind many state […]

5 Fascinating State Flags