Investing in real estate Investing in real estate is one of those things that can make or break your bank. Making any type of bad investment can devastate your bank account. But real estate has the ability to do even more to your bank account and your net worth overall. […]

Investing in real estate

Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security
What baby boomers need to know about Social Security After years of paying into the system, Baby Boomers are either preparing to enroll or are now eligible to collect Social Security benefits. Starting the process of signing up for Social Security can be a daunting task as you begin your […]

The Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security

When you finally decide to purchase a life insurance policy chances are you will go through extensive life insurance underwriting. Compared to health insurance underwriting, Life insurance underwriting can make you feel like you’re being interrogated by the police. The process is very extensive going back many years for your […]

Life Insurance Underwriting: What you Should Expect Before Applying

The Importance of Budgeting A budget can seem lame, boring and time-consuming. However, budgeting is one of the most important skills you can ever learn. Learning how to have a strong financial future is the best way to success. What is a budget? A budget is an estimate of expected […]

The Importance of a Budget

Family Budget: What do you do with Money and Why? In a previous article, we broke down the monthly budget for a single person in a one-bedroom apartment. In this post, let’s look at a family budget. We are examining a family’s income in addition to their expenses. It seems […]

Family Budget Examples : What do you do with Money ...

Budget Examples and Considerations Before we look at some budget examples, let’s talk about money. It seems that all we want to do these days is to spend money. But where does your money go? Let’s break down the average American salary. $56,516 is the median average salary. $56,516 a […]

Budget Examples and Considerations – For Individuals

What is Debt to Income Ratio? What is Debt to Income ratio? Debt to Income Ratio is the ratio that defines your net worth. Net Worth is the number that combines all your liquid and non-liquid assets together and subtracts your debt. Your Debt should be less than your assets. […]

What is Debt to Income Ratio?

life insurance
Why do we need life insurance? Life Insurance Why do we need life insurance in the first place? Changing lifestyles have brought in new requirements and necessities. Do you have anyone dependent on your income? What if your income stops out of nowhere? Does your dependent have another source of […]

Why do we need life insurance?

How can I pay down my Student Loans Student Loans can be extreme. Especially when college is at an all-time high in terms of cost. More and more Americans are facing a large debt ratio. With the job market being what it is, it’s relatively easy to find a decent […]

How can I pay down my Student Loans?