An elderly couple is photographed in an exercise room.
Long-term Care Awareness Long-term Care (LTC) Awareness Month takes place in November. Many Americans are unaware of long-term care insurance policies. Carroll Golden, the executive director of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) Limited and Extended Care Planning Center, recently presented statistics displaying how many people are […]

Long-term Care Awareness

A small clock is seen.
Daylight Saving Time Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 6. You will get back another hour of sleep and fall back to standard time. For those unfamiliar with the process, daylight saving time occurs in the spring as we adjust clocks one hour ahead of […]

Daylight Saving Time

Artificial light shines on a woman's hands.
Preventing Dry Hands Are your hands dry? Are they chapped or peeling to the point of discomfort or pain? Cold weather, countless hand washing, or an ailment could be causing your dryness. So how do we prevent getting dry hands? Preventing dry hands should be a priority because the condition […]

Preventing Dry Hands

Life Insurance Is Important Everyone knows the importance of life insurance. It provides a financial safety net for those that you leave behind. Your responsibility is to continue making monthly payments to ensure that your beneficiaries can receive the payout once you pass. The sum of money can vary by thousands or […]

Picking a Life Insurance Beneficiary

A bottled water is sitting on a table.
What is BPA-free? There is quite a lot of detailed information on food and drink labels at the grocery store. You might not be aware of what each description means. One product description that is becoming more common is BPA-free. What does it mean for a food or beverage product […]

What is BPA-free?

A sports parent is photographed handing a baseball to his child.
The World of a Sports Parent Have you ventured into the world of a sports parent? Participating in sports is a great way to teach your children skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Perhaps you have kids playing sports in school or a local youth league. Whatever the […]

The World of a Sports Parent

Women reading a map while traveling on the road
How can I travel more frequently? A couple of questions I get asked the most about traveling are, how do you manage to travel so frequently? And how do you afford to travel so frequently? It is common to think that you need a lot of money to travel, and […]

How Can I Travel More Frequently?

different dietary benefits
Different Dietary Benefits Every meal will have different dietary benefits. Meals with more meat give protein and iron. Meals with vegetables or fruit will offer vitamins and other forms of nutrients. Can too much of one thing be bad for you? So what better way to look after your health […]

Different Dietary Benefits

do i have too much life insurance
We all know that protection and preparation for unknown situations are critical, but what about having too much life insurance? A financial safety net to fall back on is significant to put into place for your family, but can the blanket be too big? Yes! It actually may be possible […]

What Is Too Much Life Insurance?

A family smiles and hugs each other
The beginning of September marks the first day of Life Insurance Awareness Month. You may be familiar with life insurance, or perhaps you do not know anything about the topic. Let us examine why a person should consider purchasing a life insurance policy and understand the different kinds of life […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month