In the grand scheme of human history, where do mortgages fit in?
Mortgages, often seen as simple financial instruments, have woven intricate patterns into the fabric of human history. They are deeply entrenched in ancient civilizations, shaping communities, economies, and political landscapes. They’re far more than a method to acquire a house but also a reflection of societal evolution, economic ingenuity, and […]

Mortgages: Hype and History

A young family of four sits on a couch for a photo.
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Do you have a life insurance policy? Perhaps you have heard misconceptions about life insurance and are puzzled about what life insurance is and how it can protect you and your family. Life insurance is a contract between an insurance company and a policy owner. The […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month

hand reaching for pepper
5 Dollars For WHAT?! We’ve been hearing it over and over again. Our groceries are getting more and more expensive. Even staples like eggs and milk wear down the wallet now, and people are looking for more ways to make the most of what they buy. These helpful tips will […]

Save Big on Groceries With These Small Tips!

digital parenting family watching content on a tablet
In an age where screens are ubiquitous and digital knowledge is almost as vital as traditional literacy, the realization of digital parenting has never been more relevant. As a parent, the digital world can often seem daunting. With ever-evolving technology and online risks, how can one ensure their child’s safety and well-being? […]

Digital Parenting: Challenges and Effective Solutions

Blank Credit Card On A White Screen
How many credit cards are currently in your wallet? Is your relationship with your credit cards a positive one or a negative one? In short, credit cards can be a good thing if you are responsible and don’t see them as free money. They can help you flex your dollar […]

How To Handle Credit And Credit Cards

A woman is seen with code superimposed on her.
AI, artificial intelligence, is the latest trend among technology companies and the buzzword to intrigue business professionals and customers. Companies might use their AI to conduct business, analyze customer data, or attempt to predict future business outcomes. On the contrary, a business may produce an OpenAI system that allows the […]

AI and Life Insurance

cheerful friends sitting in school
The start of a new school year is filled with promise and potential. It can be a period of adjustment for both kids and parents. It might be difficult knowing the best way to support your kids as they transition into new grades can be difficult. But fear not! We’ve […]

Score an A+: 7 Parenting Hacks for a Winning School ...

Two month old baby, sleeping hold his head up.
Do you constantly wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for air? Do you have bruises on your arms or hips because your partner keeps elbowing you to get you to stop snoring? How often do you find yourself exiled to another room because “your snoring keeps me […]

Do You Snore at Night?

A man uses hand soap to wash his hands.
Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle? Have you read the back of your liquid hand-soap bottle? If you have done so, you probably have wondered what some of these words mean. Are those ingredients safe for you to use? Let us examine one […]

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?

Insurance riders can help you make the most of your coverage.
Do you know about insurance riders? Imagine stepping into a car dealership and only being able to choose the make and model of a vehicle, with no opportunity for upgrades or customization. You would miss out on added benefits like heated seats for those chilly winter mornings, a rearview camera […]

Insurance Riders