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Term Life insurance is insurance that pays out a sum of money on the death of the insured person. This financial payout can be important for those who have someone they care about depending on them financially. Often those who are targeted with the need for life insurance are spouses, […]

Special Needs: Life Insurance For Those Who Need Extra Help

With Father’s Day approaching, you might be looking for the perfect gift to give your dad. Instead of that new tool kit or even the comfy socks, why not give him an inexpensive gift that keeps on giving. We’re talking about a term or permanent life insurance policy! This gift […]

Father’s Day Gift Perfect For Your Dad, A Life Insurance ...

Where you a fan of the Rolling Stones, the English rock band that ruled the late 20th century? With awards for Best Rock Album, & inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame, the group has quite the reputation. This is especially true when considered one of if not the best […]

Alliance Teams Up With Legendary Band Rolling Stones For US ...

It’s Micah here again, and you might be wondering what I’ve learned today. It’s about Life Insurance. This is a continuation of my previous articles about Medicare. Last week I learned about life insurance, and who would have thought life insurance would be exciting? Yea, not me. I had no […]

The Power of Life Insurance

Now is the time to jump on the green smoothie train. They offer a ton of benefits that will have long-lasting effects on your health and life. So, the sooner you jump on the wagon, the better. Right off the bat, green smoothies are a favorite amongst many because they […]

Top Reasons to Start Drinking Green Smoothies

Looking for a term life insurance policy that provides you with a basic coverage without all the excess? North American Company for Life and Health Insurance has a new product that will fit your taste providing good coverage with a competitive rate. Whether its to leave money for your significant […]

Classic Term Life Insurance: New Policy From North American

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When it comes to Life insurance, most people think that you can only use it for insuring loved ones. Although that is its original design and intent over the last few decades life insurance has taken many forms to better be flexible for what you care about. Today, we will […]

Life Policies and The Multiple Ways You Can Use Them

Many often overlook the benefits Life Insurance can bring to not only the policyholders but those next of kin. With those who are worried about passing away without being able to leave the support needed for their family members, Life Insurance is an opportunity many overlook as a way to […]

Life Insurance: Multiple Ways Of Building a Smart Savings

We tend to always hear news about Health insurance whether that’s coverage when visiting the doctor’s office or its constant topic in today’s news. We often overlook one of the most needed types of insurance, Life insurance, due to its future need instead of the right now. Today we spotlight […]

New Flexible Whole Life Product

Do you tend to feel groggy when the sun isn’t shining bright? Does your productivity seem to come to a standstill during the rain or even at night? In a recent discovery, researchers at MIT and the University of Beijing found a direct link between the number of particulates in […]

Air Pollution The Cause For A Rise In Unhappiness?