annuity for retirement
Recently, AIG released two great pieces of information titled Solutions For A Changing Market and Market Commentary. These discuss the recent changes in the equities market and how using an annuity for your retirement is a great way to protect yourself from the ups and downs of the market. Risk […]

Annuity For Retirement Could Protect From Changing Markets

the importance of seeing a financial professional
Speaking to a financial professional can make navigating the financial landscape much easier through their important services. Now more than ever in these uncertain times, it is important to recognize the importance of financial planning for the financial future of you and your family. Importance Of Financial Planning Planning for […]

The Importance Of Consulting A Financial Professional

What is Robinhood? Robinhood is a stockbroker app that focuses on helping everyday individuals get into investing and better their personal finance. The app has taken hold of millions of people. To be exact the app has over 1 million downloads on the Apple store alone. They also have a […]

What is Robinhood?

Personal Finance and Consumer Debt When it comes to personal finance and consumer debt, most of us are guilty of overspending and not budgeting properly. Working on your debt and your finances should be a top priority. Most Americans have some type of consumer debt. Whether it’s student loan, credit […]

Personal Finance and Consumer Debt