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The coronavirus pandemic has left people with many unanswered questions, such as questioning the status of their elective health care procedures. Some are wondering whether or not they should keep their elective care appointments or stay away from the doctor’s office altogether. Elective services that have been suspended in previous […]

Elective Procedures During COVID

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to run rampant, Google Maps is introducing new features to help you find important information as you venture out each day. To ensure that everyone is following proper social-distancing rules, Maps has included a feature to let users know how crowded public transport is, and […]

Tracking COVID with Google Maps

Swabbing and testing all Americans for COVID-19 each year could become a normal routine. That, combined with antibody testing, have caused rates for COVID testing to skyrocket; they could cost a whopping $44 billion per year, according to a recent study. Diagnostic testing alone ranges from $6 – $25 billion […]

Rates for COVID Skyrocket

Four states have taken the initiative and passed laws stating protecting businesses from “civil liability” for COVID-related claims. One of the four states, North Carolina, provides immunity to many different “essential businesses,” such as grocery stores and restaurants. Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming, however, offer immunity to anyone and everyone who […]

Protecting Businesses from COVID Claims

Nike created a shoe specifically designed for medical professionals who are on their feet for upwards of 12 hours each day. Called “Nike Air Zoom Pulse,” the shoes were developed and tested at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR. With staff input, Nike was able to bring comfort to […]

Hospital Sneakers by Nike

As hospitals are doing their best to keep COVID patients isolated in order to stop the spread of the virus, many patients are finding it difficult to sit still and be, well…patient. But many doctors have done their best to find ways to keep patients entertained and upbeat by having […]

iPads for Hospitals

Recently, we have all seen how the coronavirus has negatively impacted our economy. We have also heard some experts claim that we are currently in a recession, some going so far as to envision a Great Depression-like economy in the future. These are tough times for every, regardless, so it […]

Economic Depression vs. Recession

As of Friday, March 20, almost all public and private schools have closed face-to-face class time. Leaving school-age children at home with their parents, still needing to learn age-appropriate material five days out of the week. Most of the districts have gotten their classes working on Zoom or another video […]

Schooling Children from Home

News surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly changing, hour by hour. The best way to help your community get through this is to stay at home, maintain your distance from anyone around you, wash your hands regularly, and disinfect any surfaces you use often. Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s […]

“COVID Near You” App