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Life Insurance for Children Life insurance for children is critical. Parents never want to think of something this tragic. However, it does not necessarily have to be something geared towards a tragedy. It could be something that is used to help pay for the child’s college. Pay for their first […]

Life Insurance for Children

What options are there for Senior Life Insurance Policy Believe it or not, there are options out there for Seniors to get the life insurance they need. We are strong believers in the power of Life Insurance. It’s important to protect yourself and your family.  But the question is, what […]

What options are there for senior life insurance

When you finally decide to purchase a life insurance policy chances are you will go through extensive life insurance underwriting. Compared to health insurance underwriting, Life insurance underwriting can make you feel like you’re being interrogated by the police. The process is very extensive going back many years for your […]

Life Insurance Underwriting: What you Should Expect Before Applying

Empower Brokerage Life Insurance.
What About Life Insurance Scares You? Life insurance is a complicated and often spooky topic. After all, you are talking about your potential death. That topic doesn’t make anyone comfortable, but it’s an important discussion worth having. Your family and lifestyle are at risk. So don’t be spooked by life […]

Is Life Insurance Spooky?

special needs
Term Life insurance is insurance that pays out a sum of money on the death of the insured person. This financial payout can be important for those who have someone they care about depending on them financially. Often those who are targeted with the need for life insurance are spouses, […]

Special Needs: Life Insurance For Those Who Need Extra Help