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What is Single Premium Life Insurance? What is Single-Premium Life Insurance? According to Investopedia, this type of insurance charges the policyholder a single up-front premium payment to fully fund the policy. ¬†Single-Premium Life (SPL) Insurance can be a good option for those who want to pay a lump sum and […]

What is Single Premium Life Insurance?

Life Insurance for Children Life insurance for children is critical. Parents never want to think of something this tragic. However, it does not necessarily have to be something geared towards a tragedy. It could be something that is used to help pay for the child’s college. Pay for their first […]

Life Insurance for Children

Can you Add More Insurance to a Whole Life Policy without going through underwriting? There are a few reasons you may be interested in doing something like this. Let’s say you got the policy when you were 21. It’s a Whole Life Insurance Policy, and you recently started a family. […]

Can you Add More Insurance to a Whole Life Policy?

Spending two hours outdoors and the Health benefits Two hours outdoors every week. This is the exact amount of time we need to spend outside to improve our health. This is according to a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports. We all know that spending time outdoors is […]

Health benefits after just two hours outdoors

Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security
What baby boomers need to know about Social Security After years of paying into the system, Baby Boomers are either preparing to enroll or are now eligible to collect Social Security benefits. Starting the process of signing up for Social Security can be a daunting task as you begin your […]

The Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security

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Problems With Social Security: And Why You Should Not Soley Rely On It For Retirement According to the annual 2019 Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees Report, social security will be paying out more benefits than it generates revenue in 2020. The government will have to tap into social […]

Social Security: Should You Rely On It For Retirement?

special needs
Term Life insurance is insurance that pays out a sum of money on the death of the insured person. This financial payout can be important for those who have someone they care about depending on them financially. Often those who are targeted with the need for life insurance are spouses, […]

Special Needs: Life Insurance For Those Who Need Extra Help