work-life balance

Icelandic study shows benefits of a shorter workweek
Could a shorter workweek be the future of industries across the world? A new study published in June of 2021 has proven to be an enormous success in demonstrating the benefits of a shortened four-day workweek. Following the results of the Icelandic study, many companies have started implementing the new […]

New Study Reveals Benefit of Shorter Workweek

work-life balance
Balancing work and home life is a tough situation that a lot of working adults go through. It can be especially hard when it is a very demanding job that requires a lot of attention outside of normal work hours. This can cause trouble distinguishing between personal and professional time. […]

Your Work-Life Balance

sick leave in u.s.
Work sick or lose pay? Work sick or lose pay? This is a question employees ask themselves when an illness occurs. One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness is to encourage employees to stay home when they are sick, says the CDC. However, the United […]

Work sick or lose pay?