Can Owning A Dog Prolong your life?

Can Owning A Dog Prolong Your Life?

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding things we can do as humans. It’s as if they will never get mad at us, no matter what we do wrong. The same goes for most of us, for me, it’s hard for me to ever stay mad at my dog. Regardless of what he does. Nothing can really make me mad at him. If he runs out the door he still comes back when I call him, sure I may have to chase him for a few blocks…But he still comes back. Pets truly seem to be a cornerstone of our everyday lives.

Can they actually prolong my life?

Yes! Maybe not 100% of the time but dogs are known to help calm anxiety, help provide comfort, and help with depression. Additionally, dogs are a great way to keep and stay active. By walking your dog and keeping your dog active and healthy you’re doing the exact same thing for yourself. Playing fetch? With some toys? Or maybe throwing the Frisbee around? Well, guess what, you’re having fun and staying active and healthy at the exact same time.

What Type of Breed?

Golden Retrievers are really good animals because they are extremely active and loyal to their family. This means they are great for companionship but also great for keeping you active. That’s pretty much the same for every other animal listed below as well. There are tons of breeds out there that have strengths with being active or helping with depression and anxiety.

  • Staffordshire terrier
  • Australian Cattle Dogs
  • German Sheppard / Sheppard
  • Weimaraner
  • Australian Sheppard

Do you have to have them from birth?

You don’t have to have them from birth to get these benefits from these animals. Dogs are naturally very loving. They are also very active. But in my opinion, it might be best to have a dog from birth. That way you know that dog will be loyal to you no matter what. You also tend to develop a more personal relationship with the dog. When you’re the only owner it’s ever stayed with for a prolonged portion of its life you tend to develop a better connection.

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