work-life balance
Balancing work and home life is a tough situation that a lot of working adults go through. It can be especially hard when it is a very demanding job that requires a lot of attention outside of normal work hours. This can cause trouble distinguishing between personal and professional time. […]

Your Work-Life Balance

communication gap between generations
Everyone has different communication styles as it is, dependent on their location, culture, etc., but they also have generational differences. The issue is not only that everyone has grown up with different terms and communication styles, but there is also a difference in interpretations. This could lead to various conflicts […]

Communication Gap Between Generations

Marriage and Family Therapy
The Ultimate Collective Everyone has their own idea of what a family is.  Some assert that families are tight-knit groups of blood relatives while others favor found families of friends.  There are sprawling families, sparse families, families that function as refuges, and families that feel lonely even when they’re together.  […]

Will Medicaid Pay for My Marriage and Family Therapy?

It’s March. Blooms have broken ground.  The country is thawing.  Vaccinations rest on the horizon line.  For many, it feels like we’re flipping a page in our history, and with luck, we’re turning to a gentler chapter after quarantine. A lot of people are wondering how to put last year […]

Five Tips for Leaving Quarantine BETTER

Receive affordable therapy with the sliding scale payment system.
In today’s increasingly distressing world, more people than ever before are seeking professional mental health diagnosis and treatment.  However, with insured and uninsured patients alike having to pay upwards of $100 per session (maybe MORE), many who desperately need the help decide to go without.  The worst part?  This tragedy […]

How to Get Therapy FOR LESS: The Sliding Scale

retirement planning
Retirement Planning You may believe that retirement is such a far-off event, so there is no need to worry. While the first part may be true, planning and saving for retirement needs to start now. An average American aged 40-60 has less than $100,000 saved for their retirement income, which […]

Retirement Planning

group health insurance
Group and Individual Health Insurance With the drastic increase in health care costs, not having health insurance seems to be a non-option. In the past, there was a large dependence on receiving health insurance through your employer. The employer would take care of most of the process. They would do […]

Group and Individual Health Insurance