Life Insurance with a Long-Term Care Rider
I had an interesting conversation with my Aunt and Uncle, and I think the conversation is worth sharing. They were gravely concerned about not having enough coverage with their life insurance and considering changing to a different policy. I explained to them that adding a Hybrid Policy is just what […]

Why You Should Get a Hybrid Policy

The importance of life insurance is often overlooked or seems like an unnecessary expense. Sometimes a protection plan is not needed. This could occur when you have enough wealth to no longer need it, or your kids are grown. If you are a young person with a family that relies […]

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Odds You Die This Year An average of 55.3 million people dies each year. That is roughly .007% of the population. Over 150 thousand people die each day. Their causes of death are too numerous to count. Over half of the annual death count is due to the top ten […]

How Likely Are You To Die This Year?

One of the most popular budget tools has saved people’s financial futures on countless occasions. It was popularized by Senator Elizabeth Warren, a senator of Massachusetts. She is also an author and this budget method was widespread in one of her best-selling books. The Rule The Budget Rule is 50/20/30. […]

What Is the Budget Rule?

Empower financial risk spectrum
Life Insurance and The Financial Risk Spectrum The above graphic from AIG demonstrates a broad overview of a consumer’s financial risk spectrum over the course of their life. This is a great demonstration of how you can benefit with Term Life Insurance. Pre-Retirement Years As you can see on the […]

Life Insurance and The Financial Risk Spectrum

Ideally, everyone sees on social media nowadays people who are “fit”. A study was conducted that has shown that 75% of Americans want to exercise to be apart of their daily lives, but only about 33% of that group actually go and do the exercise; which is a total to […]

How exercise can save you money.