What kind of Exams do I Need to Qualify for Life Insurance? Getting life insurance can be simple or, sometimes, it can be a complicated process. Part of that process is getting a physical exam done. Most life Insurance companies require some type of physical exam to be completed in […]

What Physical Exam Do I Need to Qualify for Life ...

Google Ascension
According to an investigation by the Wall Street Journal, Google has been collecting personal health data of millions of Americans in partnership with Ascension, one of the country’s largest healthcare systems. Who is Ascension? Ascension Health is a faith-based non-profit healthcare organization. They have over 2,600 clinics – including 150 […]

Google Collecting Patient Data Without Consent

A True Life Insurance Story This is a true-life insurance story. Enrique Torres had a very similar situation happen to him in his career. Events and information have been changed for the privacy of the individuals. A story of family I’ve been asked to share one of my true life […]

A True Life Insurance Story

What Can I Expect When Filling Out My Life Insurance Policy Applications can be stressful, however, being prepared is helpful. Here are some tips to help with a stress-free application process. Make sure you have all your information ready! Having your information ready can help relieve stress. That’s why you […]

Life Insurance Application: What to expect.