Do you tend to feel groggy when the sun isn’t shining bright? Does your productivity seem to come to a standstill during the rain or even at night? In a recent discovery, researchers at MIT and the University of Beijing found a direct link between the number of particulates in […]

Air Pollution The Cause For A Rise In Unhappiness?

Life Insurance Sells Decline According to the life insurance and market research associations life, policy sells fluctuate in single digit percentages each year. in 2016 alone over 290 million policies where in effect compared to the drop of about 2 million in 2017. This anomaly of a drop in policy […]

Life Insurance: Why Sells Are Declining and Why you need ...

One of the needs of the elderly population is someone who can always be there to check in on them. Seniors are can be independent, but someone in regards to helping track a senior’s health. Going back and forth between the doctor’s office becomes more of a hassle each time. […]

Bots Intergrated Into Health Management

We would all like to add a few years to our life, whether that involves working out, eating right, or even getting enough sleep. Alongside these healthy life choices, there is one item you can add to the formula to help boost life longevity. Orange You Glad You Read This […]

Orange Juice The Secret to Living Longer & Healthier

With AEP (Annual Election Period) over and done with, what’s next? Currently, we are in what is called the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP), not to be confused with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) OEP. During this time, consumers can switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan. If they’d rather […]

What Comes After AEP…?

genetic testing
How Genetic Testing Affects Your Chances of Getting Life Insurance Do you know that taking a genetic test in your 20s or 30s could hurt your chances of getting life insurance? At the very least, it can raise the price you pay. And what if you already have a plan. […]

Can Genetic Testing Prevent You from Getting Life Insurance?

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Term Life Insurance Are you a fan of Dave Ramsey? If you are, then you likely know he’s not a fan of cash value life insurance. To be more explicit, he hates cash value and does not recommend it. Instead, Dave Ramsey endorses term life […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Term Life Insurance

Who Need Life Insurance
Eight People Who Need Life Insurance the Most In 2015, the nonprofit Life Happens and the insurance industry research group LIMRA conducted the Insurance Barometer Study to discover the number of those who need life insurance. From the study, they learned that¬†30 percent of Americans believe they need more life […]

Eight People Who Need Life Insurance the Most