COVID-19 Antibody Treatment

COVID-19 antibody treatment

At the beginning of August, two pharmaceutical companies began clinical trials for a COVID-19 antibody treatment known as monoclonal antibodies. They have been racing to complete clinical trials and have even claimed they could have this treatment available before the vaccine.

What Is The Treatment?

Monoclonal Antibodies are synthetic antibodies created to mimic the body’s natural ones. When the human body fights off infections it creates proteins called antibodies that naturally fight off specific diseases. Antibodies prevent reinfection sometimes permanently and other times temporarily. It is still unclear whether natural COVID-19 antibodies prevent reinfection permanently. The trial on the coronavirus antibody treatment was conducted to test if creating antibodies would end infections more quickly or prevent them from becoming seriously ill.

Clinical Trials And Promising Signs

The original goal of the trial was to reduce the number of patients who were still infected after 11 days. Yet, patients with the placebo tested negative in the same amount of time as those who received the treatment. The treatment did, however, have an effect on if a COVID-19 infection became serious enough for hospitalization. Only 1.7 percent of patients given the treatment had to be hospitalized compared to the 6 percent of patients who needed to be hospitalized who were given a placebo. These are statistically significant numbers, but the trial was rather small with 302 patients being given the treatment and 150 being given the placebo.

Antibody Treatment Going Forward

Even with a small trial these are encouraging signs and they have created a plan for another trial on 2000+ patients to confirm these results. One of the companies working on the project has already begun manufacturing its antibody treatment and is hoping to have thousands of doses by fall if their trials continue to go well. Another trial began in August to test if the treatment could be used before infection as a preventative measure, but the jury remains out on this aspect of the trial.

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