Singing Improves Health

A choir sings together. Does singing improve their health?

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Singing Improves Health

Do you enjoy singing when you are cooking in the kitchen? Do you frequently sing along to the radio when driving in your car? Do you sing in a choir or with family at home? If you answered yes, your singing might be improving your health.

Singing Boosts the Immune System and Mental Health

We know that singing in a group releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin, improves mood, and creates a bonding experience, but there are other physical and mental benefits. Researchers discovered singing in a choir positively affected participants. The study compared the production of infection-fighting antibody immunoglobulin A, cortisol levels, and the emotional state of those who sang in a choir to those who listened to choir music. Results showed that the choir singers had significant boosts in their immune systems, including the production of immunoglobulin A compared to the choir music listeners, who still experienced a stress reduction.

Another research study also examined choir participation among people who experienced losing a loved one over the previous five years. A total of 58 adult subjects chose whether or not to join a weekly choir for 12 weeks. The scholars discovered that the choir contributors were less depressed, established a greater sense of well-being, and improved self-efficacy and self-esteem over six months. Results from these studies significantly demonstrate singing in a choir thoroughly impacts physical and mental health.

Singing May Reduce Snoring

Scientists have also looked at singing as a remedy to snoring. People conducting singing exercises train their throat muscles. The training reduces the collapsibility of their upper airway and decreases snoring and sleep apnea. Researchers experimented with 20 chronic snorers. The subjects completed singing exercises for 20 minutes each day for three months. Findings suggest that the participants who best followed the regimen snored less than others who did not follow the routine. They also documented they slept better. Additional investigations explored 93 participants’ snoring and sleepiness. One group of participants was given self-guided singing exercise compact discs and instructed to listen to them and perform the exercises for 20 minutes each day for three months. The other group of participants did not have the exercise CDs. Both groups received a phone call of encouragement from a singing teacher after four to six weeks. The results displayed that those who performed the exercises achieved better snoring frequency levels and measures of sleepiness. It is safe to say singing improves health.

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