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Have you ever wished you could travel back in time and relive a great moment? Such as holding your newborn baby, seeing a friend or family member again, or even seeing your first car again? What if I told you you could? The saying is true: a picture is worth a thousand words. What kind of feelings do you get when you discover an old photo? How many years does it take you back? Here are a few feelings you may feel just by taking a few pictures.

Nostalgic Pictures

One of the warm feelings you will experience when looking at an old image is nostalgia. We define nostalgia as a connection to a place or time when we were happy. That is what images can provide for you. They can teleport you to a time and place where you were happy. It will bring back your childhood memories and let you have the wonder of a child again. You can not accomplish these warm feelings if you do not take any pictures! They do not have to be professional pictures, either. They only have to be enough to open the floodgates.

Old vs. New Pictures

You should not really have to worry about the quality of the image; older pictures still pack a punch! You are probably taking photos with your phone, and chances are your phone’s picture-taking quality is not half bad! Photos from cell phones from at least the past 10 years are still of great quality. Do not use your phone’s picture quality as an excuse for not capturing memories. Modern technology allows us to go in and clean up older photos, although it may cost you a few bucks. The moral of the story here is that we all have excuses, but your technology may not be one of them.

Don’t Count Out Videos

One of the most overlooked mediums would have to be video. It is what we all consume, but no one seems to default to a video. It is a lot easier to snap a picture and feel you have captured a moment, but a video can be very impactful and even more meaningful than a single picture. The beauty of a video is that it encompasses audio and moving pictures to create something truly unique. Imagine having a video of your firstborn child trying to speak vs. having a single image of the instance. The message hits closer to home when you rewatch the event instead of remembering what happened.

The importance of keeping memories preserved through photos and videos is vital. This approach will keep you happy and tugging along through your later years. These memories are all we have as a tie to the past, and if you do not remember them, who will? Your friends and family will be all we have in the end, so keep those memories close and go out and take more pictures!

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