Are You Prepared For Your Parent’s Passing?

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Discussing with your parents what you do when they pass is never a fun conversation, but it is critical to have that talk. Do you know what you are supposed to do with their assets? Who gets the house? How do you transfer ownership? Are you aware of the last wishes of your parents? If the answers to these questions elude you, do not worry because you are not alone. Many people never have this talk with their parents. Who wants to think about their parents passing? I know I don’t. You see, the best time is to have these conversations when your parents are healthy and older. Anything can happen. All we want to do for our parents is honor their final wishes. Let’s look at a few things children should be talking to their parents about.

What Arrangements Need To Be Done?

Do you know if your parent prefers a cremation or burial? Discussing the types of arrangements for passing would be a great place to start. Start by asking your parent or parents what they would like to do. Whatever arrangement your parents wish to make will be a bit pricey, so keep that in mind as well. The goal is to have a plan in place. There would be no worse feeling than having to guess what your parents may have wanted to do for their passing. Do you know where they would like you to bury them? Do you know if they have a will? All of these questions will need answering, and you may do so by talking with your parents. It is never a fun one to have, but it is necessary.

What Happens To Your Other Parent?

It is awful to think about both of your parents passing, but what happens if one passes and the other lives? Have a conversation with both of your parents and decide what will happen if one of them passes. Depending on their age, your remaining parents might be unable to care for themselves. Your parent may require assistance you cannot provide, or you may need to house them in a senior home. That is something to think about as well. Who will be around to keep your parents busy? Who will be there to assist in the transition to being alone? Maybe your parent can move in with you or another family member, but it could get a little cramped with an unexpected guest. If you welcome another member into the household, you need to consider the space you have. Plus, all their possessions and an extra car in the garage—it is a lot to think about!

Who Gets What?

I know it is selfish to think about what you get after your parents pass, but it is a necessary thought. Your parents may want to see their belongings go to specific siblings or people with whom your parents are very close. After someone passes, their possessions, if there is no will, go to the surviving spouse. If both your parents pass and neither has a will, their possessions could be up for grabs! This situation does not mean big government trucks will come in and take everything; it means the circumstance leaves their possessions vulnerable. For instance, you have a cousin who may not play by all the rules. They could go into the house and take documents, car keys, and the flat-screen TV and say your parents left all of it to them! It will not be impossible to retrieve all that stolen property, but it will be difficult to prove them wrong when the only person who could prove them wrong is deceased.

Having a conversation about your parents’ passing is never fun, but it is 100% needed. It remains best to get all the specifics out of the way with their consent before you are left to make decisions you may not know will honor them. Losing a parent is always challenging, but it is a fact of life. The best practice is to have this conversation now and afterward continue loving them.

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