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Life Insurance Sells Decline According to the life insurance and market research associations life, policy sells fluctuate in single digit percentages each year. in 2016 alone over 290 million policies where in effect compared to the drop of about 2 million in 2017. This anomaly of a drop in policy […]

Life Insurance: Why Sells Are Declining and Why you need ...

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Famous People Using the Life Insurance Infinite Banking Concept One of the most incredible creations in America, Disneyland, would not exist without life insurance. That’s right! Walt Disney had a hard time getting banks to fund his dream because they said it had too little collateral. He then funded the […]

Famous People Using the Life Insurance Infinite Banking Concept

Life insurance has been in the world since the dawn of ancient Rome. People have been protecting their legacy and families for centuries on end. But when and how exactly did life insurance start? Check out the interesting history of life insurance we dug up below. 100 B.C. A Roman […]

History of Life Insurance: Where it was and Where it ...

Life insurance can often be confusing and a low priority for a majority of families. Little do they know that life insurance is important in ensuring the security of a family’s future. Since it is so important, we’ve identified the top five questions about life insurance and answered them to […]

Top Five Questions Asked About Life Insurance Answered

Life and Financial specialist, Criss Crombie, explains the pros and cons to employer provided life insurance. Moreover, he gives some great advice to ensure you remain covered no matter where you work! Watch the video below! Group Plan + Stand-Alone Policy Employer provided life insurance is great because it’s little or no […]

What You Need to Know About Employer Provided Life Insurance

Whether you’re young and single or married with five kids, income replacement insurance is for you. In the video below, Criss Crombie explains income replacement insurance and why everyone needs it. Check it out! Scenario 1: Single with No Dependents For those without dependents, income replacement insurance primarily includes disability income […]

Income Replacement Insurance and Why You Need It

Most people are skeptical when it comes to buying life insurance. Is it the life insurance itself? Or the uncomfortable conversation of how to assess one’s financial needs after the death of a loved one? After all, who likes to talk about death? Below are some debunked life insurance myths […]

Debunking Life Insurance Myths

Do you have children? If so, have you ever thought about getting life insurance for them? Millions of parents and grandparents purchase a whole life insurance policy for their child or grandchild. So, it’s definitely something worth considering. However, before you purchase a policy, it’s important that you understand how […]

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Worried your smoking habit may hinder your ability to qualify for life insurance? Criss Crombie, Life and Financial expert at Empower Brokerage, hears this questions often. Watch the video below to find out if smokers qualify for life insurance! Q: Can smokers get life insurance? A: It depends! It depends on what […]

Do Smokers Qualify for Life Insurance?