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Locate the Life Insurance Policy Unfortunately, it’s common for individuals to pass away with a life insurance policy their loved ones knew nothing about. And sometimes, the policyholder will forget the life insurance exists if they paid it off long before passing away.  When that life insurance money goes unclaimed, it […]

Finding a Loved One’s Policy

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Everything Together When you’ve been with someone for so many years, it may seem like you have everything together. It could be children, houses, cars, bank accounts, or businesses, but how about life insurance? A joint life insurance policy is a practical option for married couples, domestic couples, and business partners. […]

What is Joint Life Insurance?

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Getting Denied Isn’t The End Getting a life insurance policy is a serious financial decision made with the best intentions to provide for your family when you are no longer here. Have you been denied life insurance? It can be disappointing when your application is denied. It is important to […]

Denied Life Insurance? What Now?

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Looking Into Life Policies – When Do I Need It?  Life insurance has always been marketed as a way to provide financial protection for your family– implying you have a spouse and/or children– should you pass away. Therefore, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you need a […]

I’m Single, Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Awareness Month
Welcome the Season with Life Insurance Awareness Month September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, also known as LIAM! LIAM is a nationwide campaign that was coordinated by Life Happens in 2004. The campaign is meant to inform the public about the importance of obtaining the appropriate type and amount of […]

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

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Why Your Life Insurance Claim Can Be Denied Life insurance is a plan put into place to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of when you are gone. It allows them financial stability to continue living as they were. The worst thing that can happen is that they […]

Why Your Life Insurance Claim Can Be Denied

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Why You Need A Life Insurance Policy No one ever wants to think about dying, but we can live our lives much better once we know that we have a plan in place to take care of our loved ones when we are gone, and life insurance does just that. […]

Why You Need A Life Insurance Policy

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Tips for Buying Life Insurance for the First Time Does all the terminology and array of options make you nervous about purchasing your first life insurance policy? Not to worry; I am going to provide you with a valuable list of tips for buying life insurance for the first time. […]

Tips for Buying Life Insurance