Digital Health Mergers in the Second Quarter of 2018

digital healthDigital Health Mergers in the Second Quarter of 2018

There have been many digital health mergers over the last few months. Whether we are discussing Amazon’s purchase of PillPack, Teladoc acquiring Advance Medical, or even WebMD purchasing Jobson Healthcare, mergers have become a trend in the health market. Each merger comes with multiple possibilities on how these unions will affect our current healthcare. Today, we will look at some of the most noteworthy mergers in this last quarter and the benefits of each.

Digital Health Mergers

There were plenty of mergers in Q2 – one of them being between Medidata and Shyft Analytics. With Medidata acquiring Shyft valued at $195 million, Medidata hopes to only expand and upgrade their cloud data analytic services. SCI Solutions acquired DatStat in April, a company specializing in digital health tools and engagement with patients. With these abilities, SCI can use its patient scheduling system with DatStat to help provide great service to its users. InTouch Health acquired Reach Health in hopes to broaden its footprint and enhance its ability to help its customers roll out telehealth programs.

More Mergers

Everyone has heard of WebMD and how their acquirement of Jobson Healthcare created quite a buzz. Since WebMD oversees Medscape(physician-facing mobile/web-based educational content), they hope the purchase will strengthen Medscape’s potential in all areas. As aforementioned, Amazon purchased PillPack, a prescription medication company. This purchase has been rumored to give access to Amazon CEO joint venture with Berkshire-Hathaway and JP Morgan. Allscripts purchased Healthgrid for $60 million, CEO Richard J. Poulton stated:

“We expect to tightly integrate the HealthGrid capabilities into our FollowMyHealth platform, adding functionality that would enable providers to reach 100 percent of their patient populations by leveraging existing patient contact information rather than requiring patients to sign up for the portal.”

To keep up with all of the different competition, more and more health mergers are coming to fruition. These mergers will allow companies to have a competitive edge over others and will cause everyone to ante up on what they can provide. Overall, this is a good thing for consumers who will benefit from the expansion of digital health. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on more updates on digital health mergers in the upcoming months.

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