End of Life Care Plan: What You Need to Include in a Plan for End of Life

End Of Life Care PlanEnd of Life Care Plan: What You Need to Include in a Plan for End of Life

When walking towards the end of life, we sometimes overlook what’s at the end. We would all like to have a plan in order to enjoy the most out of retirement, but what do we need in order to make sure that is possible. As society still has a hard time grappling with the actuality of death, we try not to plan for the expected, due to fear and lack of information. With  90 percent of people on Medicare stating they want end-of-life care at home, only one-third actually achieve it. So what can you do to make sure your plans for the end of life care actually follow through? Today, we cover this and more as we take a deeper dive into the need of end of life care plans.

What You Need in an End of Life Care Plan

By creating a plan to handle your future medical treatment, you are taking a big burden on friends and family. Some end of life plans includes how to manage pain and other symptoms. How to give cultural, emotional, and spiritual support. A plan can help the family make important decisions about your care options. End of life care plans also helps those know what to expect in future scenarios. When creating a plan be sure to include medical records, instructions on how to handle certain situations, enduring power of attorney, and instructions on who is responsible for decision making. End of life care plans should also include medicines/fees, important contacts, and situational plans in case anything out of the ordinary happens.

Need Planning Help?

Want a quick checklist to make sure you covered everything in your plan. Be sure to have Advance Health Care Directive, End-Of-Life Housing, Estate Planning, and funeral planning. These tabs are important to make sure no surprise situation happens that you have not thought about already. It’s important to speak to your loved ones before making any final decisions so they know what all you have planned for. Looking for some help when creating your plan? Visit https://www.everplans.com/#/ which helps provide a secure, digital archive of everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you. This website can help you plan for the unexpected and cover everything you might have missed.

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