Extra Help Medicare Program

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Extra Help Program

Medicare provides a financial assistance program called Extra Help that is for lower-income individuals that need help covering a Part D prescription drug coverage plan. Before applying for a Part D program, you must also join Part A and Part B of Medicare. Once you have both parts you will have the option of adding Part D to help lower the costs of your prescription drugs. Out-of-pocket expenses may be covered under the Extra Help program provided that you meet the program requirements.

What is Part D Medicare?

Medicare’s Part D is a coverage plan for prescription drugs. The plan is optional but provides many drug savings benefits. Through the plan, you receive discounts on a long list of prescription drugs.  Although drug coverage varies based on who the insurer is, an insurer must cover two prescription drugs in all of the more popular categories.

Who Qualifies for Extra Help?

You may hear the Extra Help program also being referred to as the Part D Low-Income Subsidy. Many out-of-pocket expenses are covered under the program. Whether or not you may qualify depends on your current income and assets. You must be within the designated range in order to qualify. In certain cases, you may be qualified automatically. Being enrolled in the Medicare Savings program will make you automatically eligible.

Program Assistance

The program may help you cover many of the financial burdens of prescription drug coverage. A portion of the Part D coverage premium may be covered by the program. In addition, it may lower costs on your out-of-pocket drug expenses. A special yearly enrollment period is open to participants in the case that you decide to switch plans. If you are late signing up for Part D coverage, the Extra Help program will make sure that any late penalties are waived.

With so many benefits being provided through the program, it is a great option for anyone eligible. The money saved through it could be a welcomed boost to help you pay other medical or household costs. If you are worried about affording drug coverage, this savings option may make the difference.


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