Get Life Insurance Before It’s Too Late!

Get Life Insurance Coverage Before it’s Necessary!

Faye let me ask you, do you find that when you’re working with your clients that they don’t have enough life insurance? Or,  do you find that they haven’t really thought about what would happen if something were to happen to them?

I find that about 85 percent of the time they do not have enough life insurance, or they don’t not have any at all. They also haven’t thought about it because they are young, and they think they have time to do it. So I usually ask them what kind of plan they have in place, so they can have the right kind of coverage in the event something unexpected happens.

Do you find that they are surprised when you give them prices, as in the prices being too high, or lower than they thought?

In most cases, it is more than they thought. You usually have to work up a plan that fits their budget and then go from there. They find that very helpful because at least they have something.

Do you sell or have access to plans that would allow people to have life insurance coverage for the rest of their lives?

Yes I do. I like that a lot.

Faye Eikner has been a dedicated agent with Empower Brokerage since 2008, but her career started long before then so she definitely knows the life insurance industry inside and out. To receive assistance from a knowledgeable and experienced life insurance agent like Faye, contact us today! We’ll help you find the right life insurance plan for you!

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