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According to LIMRA, The Life Insurance Marketing & Research Association, though the economy has been unsettling the past few months the confidence in life insurance agents is at an all-time high. Comparing numbers to the October in 2008, only 9% of consumers had “extreme/quite a bit” of confidence in insurance […]

Confidence In Life Insurance Agents At a High During Pandemic

Get Coverage Before it’s Necessary! When should you get life insurance? We sat down with agent Faye Eikner to get her thoughts on the subject. Faye let me ask you, do you find that when you’re working with your clients that they don’t have enough life insurance? Or,  do you find […]

Get Life Insurance Before It’s Too Late!

When it comes to qualifying for life insurance, health is the number one factor. Health is very important because health is not something you can buy. It’s difficult to maintain, can decline rapidly, and fluctuates often. Therefore, when it comes to buying life insurance, health is always critical. When shopping […]

Your Health Determines Your Life Insurance Eligibility