How Can I Travel More Frequently?

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How can I travel more frequently?

A couple of questions I get asked the most about traveling are, how do you manage to travel so frequently? And how do you afford to travel so frequently? It is common to think that you need a lot of money to travel, and it is logical because we want to enjoy, eat and visit places that allow us to have new experiences.

There are countless blogs and tips you can find online on how to travel with less money, which places you should visit, which airline you should travel with or how to travel for free using credit card points.

In the following article, I will focus on the basic principles that will help you to fit more travel into your schedule.

I do not travel frequently. I plan frequently.

One thing that helped me in the past was to identify all the holidays and what my possible vacation dates might be at the very beginning of my year.

It may seem strange, but knowing the days you are available to travel will allow you to start planning ahead of time.

I have always said that traveling is planning. It is common for us to have the idea of ​​traveling present in our minds, but when considering logistics and money, we soon find ourselves discouraged from our plans.

Planning your trip is the most crucial part of your entire trip. Everything that will happen on your trip must have been planned initially, including the destination, stay, transportation, food, attractions to visit, free time to explore, and preparation in case of emergencies or unforeseen events.

I know this part may be overwhelming, but early planning will allow you to have everything you will need to travel. Many people prefer to buy packages with agencies, but doing it yourself will let you consider your pace and interests.

Planning a trip can sometimes be overwhelming, but you can use this technique that has served me countless times on my travels: Try to plan your trip in 3 stages.

  • Before the trip: in this stage, you determine your purpose, select your destination, calculate your budget and select a day of departure. Other questions you should ask yourself are:
        • Are you going to leave your car at the airport, or a family member can take you to the airport?
        • Would you need travel insurance?
        • Would you need to rent a car when you arrive at your destination? Or are you going to Uber?
        • How many places will you visit? How far are all the places you want to visit? Do you need tickets? Or are they free to the public?
        • Is the place I am traveling under a travel advisory by the Department of State of the United States?
        • Do you need to buy clothes because of the weather?
        • Does my phone plan work where I am planning to travel?
    • Do I need to change my money to another currency? How much is the conversion rate in this country?
  • During the trip: This is the time to execute everything planned and to enjoy the moment. During your travel, you should have cash and at least two debit or credit cards so you can have a replacement if you lose one.
  • After the trip: The travel does not end until you finally arrive at your home after the journey.
    • How will you get home from the airport?

In conclusion, start planning your trips for all year!

Budget To Travel

Planning your trips with time will also allow you to plan your budget correctly. You can also do it by following the same rule: examine the costs before the trip, the costs during the trip, and the costs after the trip.

You do not have to have all the money to travel beforehand because planning will allow you to slowly get all you need, one or two items on every paycheck.

Many people give up on their travel plans because they believe they need to have the $5,000 when buying their airplane tickets; it is not like that. To buy a roundtrip ticket, you only need the total cost of your tickets, nothing more and nothing less. After that, you can pay for the other things one by one.

If you follow these principles, you can start planning more trips throughout the year.

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