The World of a Sports Parent

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The World of a Sports Parent

Have you ventured into the world of a sports parent? Participating in sports is a great way to teach your children skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Perhaps you have kids playing sports in school or a local youth league. Whatever the sport may be, it is significant to approach your role as a sports parent with tact, dignity, and grace.

What can I do to be a good sports parent?

One of the most critical aspects of being a sports parent involves encouraging your children. Whether they win or lose the game, play well, or underperform, you should always encourage your children. Researchers have found that children are more likely to enjoy sports participation when their parents are involved. The study also indicates that perceived pressure from parents results in less enjoyment and less motivation from the child athletes.

One of the simplest ways to positively impact your child is by telling them, “I am proud of you!” Psychologists believe affirmation such as this is a natural need for every child. The positive feedback will help them grow emotionally into well-adjusted children and adults.

As a sports parent, you must understand that there will be frequent car trips on your schedule. Practices and games are going to take up a lot of your time. If you decide to get your kids involved in sports, you need to be patient with all the events.

In the world of sports parenting, you should help your children understand winning and losing. It is one of the most important aspects of youth sports. Introducing children to feelings of celebration and disappointment are helpful in developing skills they will need over the course of their life.

What should I avoid doing as a sports parent?

Professionals suggest sports parents should not compare their children to other kids’ athletic abilities. Experts believe to compare children to one another decreases their self-esteem and self-worth.  

Don’t get mad about losses, underperformance, or mistakes. Your child might be starting out in sports or a seasoned high school athlete, but they do not need to hear you criticizing their play from the sidelines or stands. Embarrassing your young athlete is never advisable. Also, no one wants to listen to the annoying parent yelling ugly remarks at the referees or umpires. Keep your cool and do not overreact to the conduct of the officials or underperformance by the young athletes.

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