How to Stay Alert on the Job

Staying alert on the job is key to doing your best every day at work. Being tired and sluggish at work lowers your productivity level and puts you in a foul mood. Some daily habits may be keeping you from maintaining your energy throughout the day. Below are some tricks for keeping yourself fully engaged during the workday.


1. Sleep Better!

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to your health and maintaining energy levels. To get the best sleep try to avoid light while you are winding down getting ready for bed.  Avoid caffeine and anything else that may keep you from falling into a deep sleep. TVs, cell phones, and any distracting noise can keep you from falling asleep, shut them off or drown them out with soothing music or white noise. These suggestions apply for naps too, which you should be taking advantage of regularly.

2. Cut out Smoking and Drinking

One of the negative effects of using tobacco products is that you will constantly be tired as well as needing to step away to curb your craving. Both smoking and drinking will lead to a bad night of sleep. Even if you become drowsy after a few drinks, the alcohol remaining in your body the next morning will leave you feeling sluggish. Cutting out both habits entirely will help you sleep better and allow your body to recover faster from exercise and long work hours.

3. Maintain a Schedule

Constantly changing shifts throughout the week can be taxing on your mind and body. If you can, work consistent hours every week and try to maintain the same schedule so your body can get into a routine. You can’t make healthy habits out of a rotating schedule.

4. Exercise at the Right Time

Outside of the office, it is very important to maintain a regular exercise regimen. The best time of day to get your body moving and your heart rate up is first thing in the morning. However, if your body is able to unwind even after a full work out, before bed is acceptable too. Exercise before bed has its pros and cons, just make sure you know whether your mind and body can handle it. If you need to get moving to the office, there are stretches and simple exercises you can do right from your desk.

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