Swimming Safety Tips

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Cool Off With a Swim

With the summer season in full swing, everyone needs to cool off. The easiest way is to have family fun as you get refreshed in the swimming pool. Whether it is the local pool or your own, everyone should know the basics to maintain safety around the pool. Continue reading to learn the simple safety tips you should follow if you want to enjoy a peaceful day at the pool.

Swimming Safety

While having a day hanging by the pool is supposed to be relaxing, it can turn sour if not everyone follows pool rules.

  1. The first rule of the pool is pretty much common sense. One should never leave their child unattended in or near water. There should always be someone keeping an eye on the children. Even if there is a lifeguard on duty, that does not mean you can take your eyes off your child. Lifeguards may not be able to see the whole pool or might have their view blocked by another swimmer. Do your part. Watch your children in the water and around the pool.
  2. The next rule happens before you arrive at the pool. Teach your child how to swim or at least teach them the basics, such as flipping over and floating. A great option is to enroll your child in swimming classes. Check your local YMCA or Parks and Recreation Department for affordable swimming classes.
  3. If you want to keep your children safe, it is necessary to teach them to stay away from pool drains. Should there be a missing drain cover, your child’s hair, limbs, jewelry, or bathing suits could get stuck in the drain or suction. The results could be deadly. Always make sure you can locate the vacuum shutoff before you hop in.
  4. Parents of young children should remember one of the most critical rules of owning a pool involves keeping a barrier or fence around the pool perimeter. Barriers or fences should be at least four feet in height to prevent children from climbing. The only way to enter the pool should be through a self-latching gate.
  5. This final rule might be the most important in the event of a tragedy. When someone is drowning, the first form of aid is the bystanders. Therefore, learning CPR can be lifesaving when going to the pool. There are many different places that offer CPR classes. You can never be too safe.

If your favorite summer pastime is a dip in the pool, it’s vital to have all the safety precautions in place to make it as relaxing as possible. Let this summer be a safe one, and have fun swimming!

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