Are You Spending Too Much Time on Your Phone?

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Are you spending too much time on your phone? Do you find it increasingly difficult to put your phone down? Do you have a hard time unplugging and tuning in to real life? If so, you are not alone. On average, people check their phones up to 96 times a day. Imagine what we could do (or not do) with that time! Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a phone, but things in excess are not beneficial to you. Maybe we should face the music and chat with our friends and family in person. As much as we may or may not want to, physical interaction is always good. It’s time to log off and shut down our phones.

Side Effects

Smartphone dependency can be as dangerous as any other addiction. You can experience periods where you feel irritable without your phone. You may also experience withdrawals from not using your phone. Checking on your Instagram posts for likes and clout is not more important than your physical or mental well-being. Addiction symptoms can develop almost immediately. Limit your time surfing the web or chatting with friends to avoid dependency. A dependency is where you cannot go without your phone. To counteract this effect, try to leave your phone in another room and perform a different activity. Try to read a book or maybe cook some dinner. Any time spent away from your phone is a positive outcome.


When was the last time you went outside and took a walk? If you are not an outdoors person, you can try window shopping, which is my personal favorite. Anything to get you out and about and off your phone works in this scenario. Try to experience the outside world some more! Go to that local coffee shop you have driven past, or try out that fancy new restaurant you have heard about. You will find that being present has its perks. You can make new friends and have more stories to tell. In my experience, being present increased my awareness and perception. I found myself noticing small things more often. I took a step back and people-watched. It wasn’t anything creepy, and what I noticed wasn’t groundbreaking. You will not become Batman by putting your phone down (sorry to disappoint).


Take a deep breath (inhale sounds), count to ten, and breathe out (ahhhh). Take a second, relax, and put your phone on airplane mode. It is perfectly ok to make time for yourself. If you can’t, who will? Setting your phone on airplane mode will stop signals from coming and going. It will stop texts, calls, and the whole shebang. Give yourself a bit of a detox, and unwind. Keeping a clear mind helps your mental clarity and thought processes. Trouble at work? You may find that taking the time and reflecting on problems can relieve stress.

 Whatever your daily routine, be mindful of your phone usage. Only you know how much is considered good. Try to limit yourself to less and less. Make friends with those around you and try to be present more often. Your friends and family may have missed the real you. Your mental health is most important. If you are constantly updating people or checking your social media, hit the pause button, and remember to breathe in (inhale sounds) and breathe out (ahhh). It could help you in the long run.

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