Top Five Hacks to Manage Stress

Top Five Hacks to Manage Stress

What stresses you out? How does stress affect you? How do you react to the stress? It’s no secret that everyone experiences stress. The trick is how do you manage stress. Here are the top five hacks to manage stress.

Cut Down on Alcohol, Caffeine, and Nicotine

Reduce or avoid intake of alcoholic or caffeinated drinks and nicotine. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that increase stress levels rather than reducing them. Large quantities of alcohol act as a depressant while smaller amounts act as a stimulant. Neither of these decrease stress. Instead, opt for water, herbal teas, or natural juices and keep yourself hydrated to manage stress.

Get Physical

Physical exercise makes the best surrogate to metabolize stress hormones. This restores you body and mind to a calmer and more relaxed place. Regular physical activity also improves sleep quality.

Catch up on You Zs

Maximize relaxation before sleep rather than relying on a medication. Allow you brain time to calm down by stopping mentally demanding work a few hours before sleep. Try to sleep and wake up around the same time consistently. This creates a predictable bedtime routine for your body and mind.

Find Your Best Relaxation Method

Try new relaxation techniques, or even give old ones another try. For example, many people utilize self-hypnosis. Begin by identifying a simple word or phrase with a positive meaning to you. Mentally focus on this word or phrase to bring stress levels down. This skill may not come easy at first and will take practice to reap full benefits.

Talk It Out

Vocalize how you feel. Talking to someone may provide a distraction from your stressful thoughts. Built-up tension may also be released in this way. Talking it out allows you to see through your stress-clouded judgement with a more clear mind.

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