Reduce Stress with These Five Tips

Reduce Stress with These Five Tips

Maybe you used our other hacks to manage or reduce stress. Now try five more tips for reducing stress in your life.

Keep a Stress Journal

Write down your stressful situations in detail. Log the date, time, and place. Note who, what, and how you felt physically and emotionally. Then, utilize this tool to identify the root of your stress. This allows you to avoid or find ways to cope with the stress.

Problem Solve

Take charge of the situation. Adapt to a solution-based mindset to spearhead tough scenarios. This way of thinking minimizes stress by feeling security in control thereby alleviating stress.

Prioritize and Manage Your Time

Write out your tasks in a master list. Use this list as a rough draft and mark it up with deadlines, genuine priority level, and other details. Also on your rough draft, identify your tasks and the tasks to delegate. Utilize your rough draft to create a to-do list organized by time frame and level of importance. Editing your to-do list this way makes it manageable and less intimidating.

Learn How and When to Say “No”

Do not feel obligated to absorb another person’s responsibilities. When you take on others’ responsibilities with your own you spread yourself too thin. Begin by accepting the reality that you can’t do everything for everyone while still taking care of your responsibilities. Then say “no” to others when your plate is already full. If you find this difficult use phrases to gently let the person down. Give an explanation, within reason, when you say “no.” If your schedule later allows you to help, offer your help at a later time. This may be difficult, but you will be thankful when you notice lower stress levels.

Rest up When You Need It

Allow your body recovery time. Illness weakens the body. Without proper rest, overall health declines. As a result, you become more sensitive and prone to stress, and even further illness. Even short spells of rest enables the body to recover quicker.

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