Advantages of Life Insurance Policies

 Advantages of Life Insurance Policies

 Empower Brokerage Agent, Sandy Hardage discusses the importance and advantages of having a Life Insurance policy

With regard to Life Insurance, do you find that a lot of your clients don’t have enough Life Insurance?

Absolutely. They are very limited in funds, usually Life Insurance is one of the last things they buy.

What do you like best about a Final Expense Life Insurance plan?

It covers the needs of their final times with their loved ones. It’s very important. I myself just lost my husband, and it was a nightmare to get through the maze of things the funeral home wanted and needed, moneywise. It was over $10,000.

When you meet with a client regarding Life Insurance, how long does it take to do a plan, or a review with them to determine how much coverage they need and to come up with a good option for them?

I’d say it takes 30 minutes to an hour to get a good needs assessment from them and then go back and find the plan that suits them.

How do you calculate it? Is there a simple rule of thumb that you use to determine how much Final Expense coverage someone should have?

It’s all in their budget. If they can afford $5,000 or $3,000 something like that, whatever they can afford I look at it like that.The clientelle that usually send in the reply cards, they’re very limited in income.

What type of Life Insurance programs do you handle? I know we’ve talked about Final Expense, do you do other types of Life Insurance?

Well I was working for a financial group and they had their own company. It was an investment type program, you buy the insurance and it goes into savings . It was very, very nice program.

Are there any types of Life Insurance policies that someone could pay the premium, and if for some reason they didn’t use it, they would be able to get their money back?

Yes that’s the kind of program that I was selling. When the market was better than it is now, people pay a good interest rate, and accumulate money. They could draw from it after retirement.

Are there any special advantages to having money build up, cash value, and a Life Insurance policy?

If you live a long time there is.

Does it have any tax advantages, or anything like that?

Definitely. Life Insurance is the only way to get money- income tax free. It’s very beneficial to the person that survives.

Why do you work with Empower Brokerage?

I love ya’ll. There are lots of nice people here. You get a lot of support, and y’all take care of our needs.

So would you recommend Empower Brokerage to other agents?

Yes, Empower is very nice and very good to work with.

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