Life Insurance Agent Testimonial- Upendrakumar Patel

Do you find that a lot of your clients who you’re working with don’t have enough life  insurance?

Yes. They do not know what coverage they should have. We need to educate them by asking what is their need, and what is their requirement?

How much time does it take. If you had a client that wanted to meet with you to determine how much life insurance is, and then complete an application for life insurance. How much time does that process take?

10 to 15 minutes. It’s very simple.

So for life insurance do you find that most of your clients need term life insurance or some other type of life insurance?

There are different kinds of plans. Some of them they won’t just cover is only some of them you need some cash value at the end so they are looking for that cash value also.

For those individuals that own businesses, do you find that they have special life insurance needs? Maybe if they’re taking out a loan?

Yes. All the time, because any time they want to have some new business the bank requirement is that they need to have a code is equivalent to the money they have world.

For Medicare, I know you also work in the Medicare area, what do you feel like is the biggest fear that your clients have when they’re trying to select a Medicare plan?

Number one is whether their doctor is in the plan or not. Secondly, they are concerned about whether or not the plan covers their prescriptions. Lastly, knowing how far the hospital is from them is important.

If you look, and the doctors that they’re currently using were not in a Medicare Advantage plan, would you have other options or alternatives for those individuals?

Definitely we can provide them nearby with another doctor if they have a language challenge we can find out doctors speaking their language. Or we can ask, i f they are willing to you can send the marketing person from the carrier to see if that doctor is contracted with that carrier. So we have all the options open.

Why do you work with Empower Brokerage?

Well recently I attended their seminar and I found that the brokerage is very helpful, It is multiform health insurance life insurance property and casualty and annuity. And we are interested in that deduction. This brokerage within one week I wrote one annuity worth a hundred thousand dollars. And it was very easy to do that.

Well that’s great. So you would recommend the Empower Brokerage to other agents.

I will definitely recommend, and ask them that before going anywhere try here. And if you see, everything is available here.

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