Attractive Qualities in a Romantic Partner

Attractive Qualities in a Romantic Partner

Consider your romantic partner, or your ideal romantic partner. What attractive qualities does this person have? Many people assume good looks and style rank at the top of the list. However, refreshingly enough, this is not the case. Life Happens conducted a survey to determine the most sought after qualities in a romantic partner.

Ranking of Attractive Qualities in a Romantic Partner

Coming in first, 82% of people find a sense of humor attractive. Next most important quality, 64% of people desire a romantic partner who is responsible with finances, or financially fit. Furthermore, attractiveness, stable family relationships, and being career driven rank in the middle of the list. Finally, just 22% of people found physical style important and 16% of people found wealth, or high income, important.

Assess Your Current Attractive Qualities

What does this mean for you as a romantic partner or potential romantic partner? For starters, your sense of humor is part of your personality. Because of this, you probably cannot change much about your sense of humor. However, you possess the power to control your financial fitness. Maybe financial fitness is the key component you lack. If so, we are here to help!

Improving Your Attractive Qualities

Even if you prefer flying solo, financial fitness matters. Bettering your financial fitness requires hard work, but is not impossible. Start by setting goals for budgeting, reducing debt, and saving more. Monitor your cash flow and only spend within your means. Set your goals with a plan to achieve the goals. Get the help you need. Talk to a financial adviser to plan your next steps in financial stability.

The rest comes easily when a strong financial base is established. When ready, take the next step to plan for life insurance. Life insurance plans for the future.

Since insurance is oftentimes overwhelmingly confusing, we want to shed light on this industry by answering YOUR questions.  So if you have any questions or concerns, comment below and your question may be the topic of our next article!

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