Benefits of Walking

Walking has many health benefits.

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Walking Into Health

Walking offers a great variety of health benefits. It may seem too easy to have a big impact on your health, but walking may help you increase your energy, boost your mental health, and protect against heart disease, which will help you live happier, longer life!

A Look at the Research

A study published in 2017 assessed the effects of light to moderate stair-walking in college-aged women. The study analyzed how physical activity altered energy levels compared to low doses of caffeine. Participants either performed 10 minutes of low to moderate stair-walking, consumed 50mg of caffeine, or received a placebo caffeine tablet. When compared to the control group or the caffeinated group, assessments revealed that the women who stair-walked experience a greater energy boost. Considering that many people self-medicate with caffeine to get them through the day, it may be time to consider more natural options. If circumstances permit, some people may find that a short walk can give them the energy buzz they’re looking for instead of caffeine.

Walking can also have a profound impact on mental health, as demonstrated by this study. Walking has the power to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve negative moods, and bolster self-esteem. All of these effects culminate to balance mood swings and stabilize mental health.

Another study published in 2009, shows the impact of walking on the cardiovascular system. Just walking for 30 minutes each day can reduce the risks of coronary heart disease by 19%. That’s huge!

It’s Time to Walk

People often neglect physical activity thinking that they need to “go all out” with a grueling routine to get results. However, all of this research shows us that making small commitments to move our bodies are worthwhile endeavors. While killing it at the gym is great for experienced athletes, for most of us, dedication to walking regularly is a much more attainable goal. Our bodies will thank us for whatever activity we can manage. So don’t be afraid to start small—take a walk!

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