COVID Vaccine Passports

COVID Vaccine Passports

In the coming weeks, COVID Vaccine passports are expected to be introduced in the EU, which will allow immune individuals to move throughout the European Union without hesitation. The “passports” will be certificates in either paper or digital form. The certificate will enable anyone vaccinated, someone who tested negative, or recently recovered from the COVID-19 virus to travel across the European Union and through other neighboring countries. The Certificates will contain QR Codes, which give officials access to the health information needed. The EU is collaborating with the World Health Organization to ensure that the passports are recognized beyond Europe allowing travel to other places outside of Europe.

Denmark will be using a vaccine passport that is linked to a system called NemID, which gives its citizens access to individual health records and test results. As Denmark lifts most of its COVID restrictions on May 21, showing a vaccine passport will allow access such as restaurants shops, and other amenities that would be otherwise closed down. Israel is the first country to have a vaccine passport in full use. Dubbed the “Green Pass,” it is available to anyone who has been vaccinated or recovered from COVID. However, the rollout has not come without its trials and tribulations.

One of the main oppositions to a vaccine passport is the possible breach of information for citizens whose passports could be exposed to others in a variety of ways. Outside of the safety concerns, having a uniformed vaccine passport for not just the EU but every country in the world would go a long way toward peace of mind for those carrying the vaccine passports. With the hopeful rollout of the passports by summer, the governments believe that more people will want to be vaccinated in order to enjoy the loosened restrictions for those with vaccine passports such as going out to eat or going to a movie theater.

It is only a matter of time before countries through out Europe and elsewhere are using vaccine passports as a method to know who is immune to COVID-19. Questions still remain about the overall process, but it is another small step closer to coming out on the other side of the pandemic.

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