Easing Your Smartphone Addiction


Smartphone addiction is all too real. We have everything we could ever need in the palm of our hand. You can watch a movie, read a book, catch up on the news, talk to loved ones, online shop, pay bills, etc. at any moment of the day.

While having everything at our disposal is a huge benefit, it can also create a form of dependency on the phone. Having this addiction to your phone can hinder your productivity and takes up any valuable time you have to spend with friends or family. If you feel like you need to ease your smartphone addiction, here are some tips you can use throughout your everyday life.

Keep your phone in a special spot.

To be fully present at home, you should keep your phone in a designated area. Whether you leave it in a drawer or on a charging station, do not have the phone on your person. This will prevent you from jumping on it just because you are bored and have easy access to it.

Do not use it as an alarm clock.

A feature that most of us use on our smartphones is the alarm clock. It is very convenient, but it makes it very easy to roll over and spend the first moments of your day scrolling through your phone. You’ll want to use a classic alarm clock and keep off your phone for a good amount of time in the morning.

Keep it in a bag instead of your pocket.

Having your phone so close to you and accessible is very tempting. You do not want to be the rude person at the table who is constantly checking their phone. A good way to avoid this is to keep your phone in your bag or out of sight, so you will not get distracted by any notifications or the presence of the phone.

Turn off notifications.

We have become so accustomed to responding to the sound of notifications on our phones that it has become a physical reaction once we hear the “bing”. To ease up on the constant phone checking, you should turn off notifications for unnecessary apps. For example, keep your messages on but social media and others can wait.

Do not take it to bed.

Smartphones do so many things and can be quite useful most of the time. But the one time you want to not use the phone is in bed. The overstimulation from the phone can cause you to stay up much later than you want and affect your sleep schedule. If you want to be well-rested and spend less time on your phone, do not take your phone to bed.

Have access to your screen time.

Screen time is a feature on your phone that tracks how much you spend on the phone and even gives details on the apps that you use the most. Checking your screen time can be a great wake-up call to how much your phone does take over your life. It also allows you to keep yourself accountable and take the process into your own hands.

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