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Once again, the month of January has arrived. For many people, the new year means making resolutions and attempting to see them through. One of the most common resolutions involves starting a consistent exercise routine. Research shows that it is vital to stay active for your overall health. What are some ideal ways to exercise consistently?

Keep a Calendar to Exercise Consistently

One of the best ways to stay consistent in your exercise routine is to keep a calendar of your activity. Write down the duration and type of workout you embarked on that day. The calendar will help you stay motivated as you see your progress over the days, weeks, and months. I know how rewarding it is to look back at my calendar and remember all the hard work I put in over the year.

Consistently Exercise by Setting Goals

You are more likely to stay engaged with your task when you work toward a goal. Medical professionals recommend starting with small, realistic goals. For instance, if you have not exercised regularly for some time, you can start by going for a brisk walk for 15 minutes five times a week. After one month of conducting this routine, try increasing your walking time to 20 minutes each day. What about weightlifting? If you want to begin a weightlifting regimen, start with a small amount of weight for each exercise. Remember to consult a licensed physical trainer before performing weightlifting exercises.

Find a Workout Buddy to Exercise Consistently

Exercising alone can be effective, but if you struggle with exercising consistently, you should try working out with a family member or friend. A workout buddy can help you stay on target to reach your exercise goals and motivate you to get excited about exercise. Doctors discovered that people who exercised with a friend who successfully lost weight were more effective at losing weight themselves. When you have an exercise partner, it can also be safer when lifting weights and going for a jog or walk after sunset. If you have children, you can include them in your walking activities or play a sport to help them stay active.

Always discuss workout strategies with a licensed physical trainer to ensure you perform exercises suitable for your current fitness level. If you enjoyed reading this article, please jump over to another post discussing proper exercise techniques.

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