Gardening: Health Benefits


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There are so many physical benefits to gardening. Exercise, stress management, and increased vitamin D are just a few of those benefits. Get started by creating your own garden or helping out in a friend’s or community garden. However you are able to get involved with gardening, your body will appreciate it.

Relaxation Through Gardening

The outdoors has a way of making people feel at ease and calm. Research has shown us that gardening is an effective stress-relieving activity. Gardening helps the body to lower the stress hormone cortisol and bring our bodies into a relaxed state. Anxiety and depression symptoms are also greatly improved. The fresh air cleans the lungs and helps to increase oxygen levels. This in turn causes the body to produce more serotonin (known as the happiness hormone) and boosts our mood.

Getting Exercise

There are so many different activities that you may find yourself doing while gardening such as digging, crawling, raking, shoveling, or lifting. Waking up with sore muscles following a vigorous afternoon of gardening is not at all unusual. Gardening is actually considered to be a moderate to vigorous level of exercise all the while being considered rather enjoyable or satisfying for most. Exercise that doesn’t seem like a traditional workout? This aspect has a lot of appeal for many people.

Boosting Vitamin D

While plants are know commonly known to need sunlight, people also need sunlight to optimize health. The body creates Vitamin D by being exposed to the sun. The vitamin is essential to so many different functions in the body. Strengthening the immune system, improving bone health, and slashing cancer risks are just some of the benefits we receive by maintaining optimum Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is absolutely necessary for overall health. Make sure to be cautious in the sunlight though so as not to risk sunburn or overexposure.

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