Why You Should Laugh More Often

Why You Should Laugh More Often

Laughter is the best medicine. Why and how? Laughter reduces stress naturally. It also reduces your blood pressure and even helps your immune system. You definitely improve your health by laughing more so be on the look-out for funny content and surround yourself with the people who make you laugh.

One way in which I like to get my daily dose of humor is listening to stand-up comedians. I’m also a big fan of sitcoms. Where are all my fans of The Office? How about Friends or Seinfeld? Maybe television isn’t your speed. If that’s the case, there’s a movie or book out there that’s sure to make you laugh. Comic strips and memes are another great source for laughs. Whatever it is that makes you laugh out loud, seek it out often because it’ll greatly improve your health.

What Does the Best Medicine Do?

Laughter reduces blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Therefore, anxiety subsides and laughter calms you down. Also, laughter improves cardiac health by increasing blood flow. Additionally, by releasing endorphins, laughter naturally eases physical pain. So if you’re experiencing intense pain from an injury or illness or if you’re someone who deals with chronic pain, then laughing not only improves your mood, but it also eases your pain. Overall, your well-being is greatly improved when you laugh often.

What Can You Do to Get More of the Best Medicine?

Luckily, you do not need a prescription for laughter. However, you do need to actively seek it out. Watch more of the funny things that make you laugh. Stay away from the news, or at least try to limit negative media exposure. Be around the people who make you laugh, and spend more time with the ones who make you smile. Go to a comedy show. Seek humor, rather than waiting for it to find you. When you feel stressed at work or school, take a break to watch a funny video. Find someone who has a similar taste in humor as you. Once you find that person, laugh with them often. Laughing lightens your mood and improves your mental energy.

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