Walk Your Way to Better Health

Walk Your Way to Better Health

Many people do not know the true benefits of simply walking. It’s easy to walk your way to better health because walking improves overall health in a variety of ways. Walking maintains healthy weight. Additionally, walking prevents or manages many conditions. Some of these conditions include heart disease, type two diabetes, and high blood pressure. Walking provides strength to muscles and bones. Walking also improves mood, along with balance and coordination. Maybe you want to lose a few inches in your midsection. Walking can help you do that. Regular walking helps reduce belly fat by improving your body’s response to insulin. Walking even prevents varicose veins by improving blood flow and circulation in the legs.

So how do you start reaping these benefits? Very simple, place your walking shoes in a visible location as a reminder to walk. Then, make the time to walk each day.

Make a Plan to Walk Your Way to Better Health

How much walking should you do a day? The American Heart Association advises approximately thirty minutes a day. Thirty minutes a day to improve overall health is not a lot. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to break it up. Try walking for ten minutes three times a day, or maybe for fifteen minutes twice a day. Once you make the time for walking each day, you might even look forward to it. Once you achieve your walking goal, your other goals will begin to seem more within reach. Walking regularly helps you establish a routine, which then makes it easier to fit your other goals into the routine.

Grab a friend to walk and talk with, rather than sitting and talking. Maybe your friends’ schedule does not line up with yours to walk together. Instead, use your cell phone with a wireless headset or earbuds to call a friend. This takes your mind off walking to make it fly by.

Remember, walk and talk it out so you can walk your way to better health.

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