Medicare: Coverage for Covid-19

Medicare may provide coverage for Covid-19

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Medicare Coverage

Recently the Medicare & You 2022 handbook was released. Looking through it, you’ll notice some new coverages and listed updates, including a section that details coverage for Covid-19 as the ongoing health crisis continues. The coverages include vaccinations, testing, antibody testing, and monoclonal antibody treatment.


Medicare will cover the cost of Covid-19 vaccines. The vaccine must be FDA-authorized to qualify for coverage. Medicare should cover the cost completely so you should pay nothing for these vaccinations, however, it is important to bring your Medicare card with you when you see your vaccine provider to ensure that you are not billed. For those who are unable to leave their home, your coverage may cover the cost to have a provider come to you and administer the vaccine.

No-Cost Testing Through Medicare

If you suspect that you have Covid and need testing, Medicare will cover the cost of FDA-authorized testing. If you have had Covid previously or suspect that you may have had it but remained undiagnosed, you should consider antibody testing. The costs of antibody testing to establish whether you have developed antibodies from previous exposure are covered, as receiving this information may be helpful in evaluating your personal risks for infection or reinfection.

Coverage for Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal antibodies have been shown to help curb the infection and keep people out of the hospital. Those with mild to moderate symptoms are encouraged to seek this treatment early on to minimize their risks. Medicare may completely cover the costs of this treatment, but it must be provided through a Medicare provider or supplier. Also, to qualify for this coverage, recipients must first meet certain health requirements. Be sure to discuss these with your provider. Currently, the three requirements that must be met are a positive test for Covid-19, a mild to moderate case, and a high risk of progressing to a severe case or needing hospitalization.

These coverages have all been added to help during the ongoing health crisis. However, you’ll want to stay informed as coverages may change when the crisis has ended.

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