How Much Is Enough Water?

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Consequences of Not Drinking Enough Water

Today, I want to discuss water. Very simple – got water like Got Milk? Most people just overlook the importance of water. I was fascinated to find out that sixty percent of your body is water. Wow! The other thing that really fascinated me is if I don’t have water in three days my body is going to start shutting down. Most people know you can go without food for a couple of weeks. Can you imagine in three days if you don’t have enough water your body is just going to start freaking out? Now, let’s explore why else water is important.

Water is also found in several foods. Fruits, vegetables, and beans all contain water. Most people just think of water in the drinkable form; however, you can get water from other sources. It’s important you have enough water.

Now, what’s really important is drinking water even in the wintertime. Most people don’t drink enough water during the winter because it’s not hot. During winter we’re indoors, it’s dry, and you need to be hydrated.

Indicators of Dehydration

Though this may be TMI (too much information), a good indicator of hydration is how frequently you go to the NR, meaning the Necessary Room. When you go to the NR, there are two rules of thumb. First, if it’s clear, you’re in the clear. Next, if it’s dark, there’s a problem. A very simple task, such as just making sure that your fluid is clear, can be a good place to start.

Drinking the right amount of water also helps with digestion. Sometimes people complain, “Hey, I’m all backed up and jacked up; I can’t go to the bathroom!” This could be an indicator of not getting enough water. It’s a sensitive issue, but water actually helps the digestive system. Water does a number of things for the body. Another being kidney function. Water is very important to flush out your kidneys. Without enough water, you could develop kidney stones. Most kidney stones are oxalate stones, which means most Americans eat too much protein and too much salt.

Many people think that they have to have name brand water or water with added minerals. This is not always true. Now, if you work out, make sure you have approximately two glasses of water before you work out. During exercise, perspiring without enough water to replenish the loss, could lead to dehydration. Additionally, you need water to help muscle function. Many people take water for granted so remember hydrate or die.

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