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When the Temperature Drops, Remember the Four P’s With the temperature starting to drop, it’s definitely time to begin thinking about the proper safety measures needed to survive the inclement weather. No need to get overwhelmed, just remember to take care of the “Four P’s”: people, pets, pipes, and plants! […]

Protecting the Four P’s During Winter

light therapy
The fall and winter seasons bring joy for a lot of people— holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas always come with widespread celebration and merriment. However, for others, the change of the seasons is accompanied by unwelcome difficulties, especially for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a type […]

Employing Light Therapy to Treat SAD

You may have heard an older person claim that they can “feel it in their bones” when the weather is about to change. It seems like just a silly saying, but can the weather really impact your joints? How weather affects joints There have been countless studies that have attempted […]

Can the weather really affect your joints?