Nonprofit organization helping American soldiers

Nonprofit organization helping American soldiers

Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide is a nonprofit organization helping American soldiers who serve abroad and meet their furry friends during their tours of duty. Most of these pets are found as strays when they are taken in by soldiers, who nurture and make them their own. However, when it is time to come home, there is a lot of red tape to be able to bring a foreign animal into the United States, and the COVID-19 Pandemic has only complicated those matters.

Bringing these dogs home means so much to these men and women in the Armed Forces, especially during the holidays. Dogs can be great emotional support animals for soldiers coming home from a tour of duty overseas, which can take a major mental and physical toll on them.

There are a lot of hoops to jump through to bring them home, such as making sure they are vaccinated and having the proper cage to board them on a long-haul flight across the world. That’s where Operation Baghdad Pups comes in. They take care of all the loose ends to make sure everything goes smooth on the journey home. The nonprofit was founded in 2008 and has rescued over 1,000 cats and dogs for military members of all branches throughout the world.

Most of the dogs brought in by the military members and rescued are strays, just like the one Patrick Brady found in the country of Georgia. Operation Baghdad pups helped bring Marshmellow home, but not without hurdles. As he was about to board the plane home, he was told that Marshmellow’s cage did not have a proper screw in it and she would not be able to fly. Through the help of operation Baghdad, they were able to get the proper material needed and get Marshmellow to her forever home with her friend Brady.

It is these kinds of stories that operation Baghdad takes pride in creating, permanently uniting service members with their furry friends they found while in the line of duty.

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