Pay Off Debt with Whole Life Insurance

Credit card debt, student loans, personal loans, medical, etc. Debt is on the rise. It has become an increasing financial burden for many. Paying off debt can be very difficult and it doesn’t go away. Is there a good solution? If you have asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. The good news is that there is a possible answer. You can use whole life insurance to help pay off debt.

Let’s explain how it works.

Mutual Trust Whole Life Insurance

This particular whole life plan is offered by Mutual Trust. It allows you to take a guaranteed loan against your policy. Using the money that you already paid and have built up in cash value.

Plan Guarantees:

  • Tax benefit
  • No qualifications for a loan
  • No credit report
  • Can skip payments
  • Use and control your own money
  • Private contract with no government interference
  • No additional fees

The process to get a loan from your whole life policy is easy. All it takes is sending in a one-page form and you are promised to get the money in three days or less.

Better Than a Bank

When you get a bank loan you start at zero. From that point forward you are working your way back down to zero. You aren’t able to build any of your assets while simultaneously paying that loan off. But Mutual Trust whole life allows you to collateralize. You can leave your assets in your account where it is earning interest and growing. Additionally, the compound growth within your policy will remain untouched. Once you pay back the loan it’s like you never even borrowed the money.

Furthermore, whole life qualifies you to get the loan at a wholesale interest rate and pay it back at the retail rate. You pocket the difference between the two.

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Why Not Give it a Shot?

Life insurance can be a rather large financial investment. However, it can help you in the long run and take care of multiple goals at once. Life Insurance, Retirement Savings, and your own Lending Institution. As stated before, when you borrow from a bank, none of your assets are positively affected by that process. On the contrary, they are negatively affected. But with whole life, you can grow your assets and pay off the debt at the same time. This is a great way to maintain access to your money when you need it.

Insurance is an investment worth making. Especially, if it alleviates a large financial burden.

Why wait a moment longer to secure your family’s future with life insurance. Act now! Reach out to one of our life and financial experts today! Choosing the best life insurance plan isn’t always easy. There are many factors to consider and our experts can help you make the right choices.

Life Insurance Questions?

We hope that this information on Life Insurance was useful to you.

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