Ways to be Organized

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Ways to be Organized

At work, there always seems to be a million and one things to get done. However, if you were organized it might make the chaos a little easier to tame. There are a few simple habits you can apply to your life that would create some order. Here are some ways you can be organized.

Write things down. To retain information, the best bet would be to write things down. It allows you to remember names, dates, appointments, etc., and it removes the stress of constantly trying to remember things. You will know you can always take a look back at your notes.

Keep a schedule and deadlines. Time is so important to an organized person. That is why it is so crucial to set a schedule and stick with it. It ensures that every moment is spent being productive and it avoids the situation of being overbooked. Deadlines are also important as they ensure you do not let too many things go undone.

No procrastinating. Although you have a deadline set in place, the last thing you should do is procrastinate. Procrastinating may sometimes lead to subpar work and it can cause too many things to pile up. A huge part of being organized is to keep things separate and within their own space and time. Procrastinating will have you trying to finish three projects while receiving three new ones.

Keep your space tidy. A clean workspace allows for more productivity. That is why you should be intentional with what you keep on your desk or around it. Only the most important and necessary tools should remain. Decluttering every once in a while is also recommended. Do not keep things that serve no purpose, and you will find it is easier to stay organized.

Empty your inbox. Clutter does not only pertain to your physical workspace but also your inbox. Having a million and one unread emails does nothing but add to your stress and allow the important things to get lost. Creating folders or simply just deleting the messages you do not need, will have you feeling and being more organized.

Split-up responsibilities. Organized people know when to ask for help and most of the time they never have to because everything has already been planned out and completed. Nonetheless, if there is a circumstance where tasks are piling up, it is no shame to share tasks to ensure that they are completed.

Although these tips were primarily targeted for your workday/space, you can definitely implement them in your everyday life. Take some of these suggestions and form habits that will keep you organized.

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