Affordable Life Insurance Is Not a Myth

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What are the negative stigmas surrounding life insurance, and how do you respond?

Well, much of the stigma – or the negative remarks – about life policies exists because people are not totally familiar with how life insurance works. Aside from that, a lot of the stigma, generally-speaking, has to do with the cost of insurance. However, most of the time, people don’t realize how affordable life insurance can really be. So consequently, they avoid getting a policy because they’re assuming that life insurance is a lot more expensive than it really is.

Ultimately, the stigma stems from people having a challenge paying for something they can’t see. If you’re buying a car, you can see and touch it; you physically have the vehicle. For a life policy, you’re paying to protect against something is not seen, but then I ask people, “What’s your plan?” If something happens to you, what does your family do at that point in time? This scenario makes them stop and think that maybe there needs to be a cash reserve somewhere – a large cash reserve – that would allow for their family protection in case something happened to them – or to the principal money-earner. Therefore, it’s a matter of thinking it through.

Again, it costs very little for protection. I like to put it in terms that we understand. Usually, we can provide quite a bit of insurance for younger families for about the price of one pizza per month. So, if we can do that, people must pay attention to how they will protect their family.

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