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“Does a DWI disqualify me from a life insurance policy?” Interestingly enough, many clients ask this question. In short, yes. Life Insurance Companies may decline application requests if there’s a recent history of DWIs. However, depending on when you were charged with the DWI, you may be eligible for life […]

Does a History of DWIs Disqualify Life Insurance Applicants?

Diabetes and Life Insurance A concern many share in regards to purchasing a life insurance policy is health. Because health does play a significant factor in acquiring a life insurance policy, people are worried their current health, as well as their medical history, may hinder their ability to get life insurance. […]

Can a History of Diabetes Affect Your Chances of Getting ...

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This article on life insurance myths is paraphrased below. What are the negative stigmas surrounding life insurance, and how do you respond? Well, much of the stigma – or the negative remarks – about life policies exists because people are not totally familiar with how life insurance works. Aside from […]

Affordable Life Insurance Is Not a Myth