College Planning: 8 Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for College

Sending your child off to college can be a lot like riding a roller-coaster. If you have ridden a roller-coaster, you know how your body reacts as the car reaches the first, largest incline. As you defy the laws of gravity, you experience a combination of terror and elation. The moments leading up to sending your child off to college match up with the ones before that first incline.

Parents spend large amounts of time molding their children for the future. Years of learning and preparation create the groundwork for the moment your child applies to college. Then, after all the waiting, they get the acceptance letter. With the acceptance letter comes more planning. Before you know it, it is time to let your child out into the real world. So how do you prepare, realistically?

Realistic Steps to Prepare Your Child for College:

1. Create a List of What Your Student Actually Needs

Keep in mind your student’s actual needs, not what a retailer includes in their college packing lists. Use these packing lists as guides, then evaluate what it practical.

2. Schedule the Time

Ask your student to schedule time each week with you to communicate. This may be a tough one at first, so be patient Your student will need your support and stability; they may not realize it in the beginning though.

3. Safety First – Yes, Even in College

This one may require your patience too. Try asking your student to familiarize with campus emergency call towers, and the rest of their surroundings for that matter. Also, encourage your student to check in with roommates and make them aware of their plans.

4. Love Through Food

Send care packages to your student. College can distract students from basic things, like eating. Your package can include some of their favorite snacks or even gift cards to some of their favorite places. This will be a little reminder for them of how much you love them

5. Prevent Time Spent in the ER

Pack the basic medical supplies, such as ice packs, bandages, splints, etc. to prevent unnecessary trips to the ER.

6. Just a Little More Prevention

Encourage your student to take their vitamins before it is too late. Then, when someone around them is sick, urge them to use immune boosters to prevent them from getting sick too.

7. Expect the Bad News, Then React Accordingly

During your students first steps into adulthood, they will inevitably make mistakes. Stick to your gut in how to advise your child through these mistakes.

8. Believe in and Trust the Student You Raised

Try to remember, you prepared your student to the best of your abilities. This is the time to let your child use their own wings with you still only a phone call away. At the end of the day, your student will be okay and so will you.

Another way parents need to prepare for their children’s college experience is financially. Saving for college is better starter sooner rather than later. So, call a life and financial expert today and start planning for your child’s future!

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