How exercise can save you money.

Ideally, everyone sees on social media nowadays people who are “fit”. A study was conducted that has shown that 75% of Americans want to exercise to be apart of their daily lives, but only about 33% of that group actually go and do the exercise; which is a total to approximately one of every 5 people exercising regularly;  This study took place with and the health daily news.

                The main question here is, “Why don’t people invest more of their time into their bodies, and get the ‘dream body’ they always wanted”? Well, the answer is quite simple; time management. We, unfortunately, have some priorities that are higher than fitness and exercise. We have nowadays our 9-6 or 8-5 jobs, and children and families to take care of. Usually, those two things alone can take up a full day for a person. I personally believe that your own health should be a priority, and fitness is a big part of your own health. It’s been well known that people tend to be more healthy if they live a fit and active lifestyle. Here are some of the biggest reasons why exercising will be one of the best things you can do for your health.

  • Make you feel happier
  • Help reduce depression and improve mental health
  • It can help with weight loss
  • Good for your muscles and bones
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • It can help skin health
  • It can help your brain health and memory

How life insurance comes into play

                The biggest reason why I’m talking about fitness is to show how you can save more money just by being exercising. All of those reasons listed above are not only improving your physical health, but they also improve your mental health. When it comes to life insurance, your health is a big factor in determining the price of the insurance policy. An illustration contains a whole section about health and that is called “underwriting”. The healthier you are, the easier underwriting you will have, and the cheaper your insurance rate will be. The less healthy you are the more expensive the rate will be, or worse, the carrier might not even accept your application. You would be required to take more health exams to determine how healthy you really are such as EKG, bloodwork, etc.

A lot of people should consider Life insurance as it is, but they should strongly consider it, especially if the person is really healthy with all the potential low rates they could have. I’ve always seen life insurance as an investment, a security blanket for your life in the future. That’s ideally how the mindset should be; to set yourself up and protect your family’s future.

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