Orange Juice The Secret to Living Longer & Healthier

We would all like to add a few years to our life, whether that involves working out, eating right, or even getting enough sleep. Alongside these healthy life choices, there is one item you can add to the formula to help boost life longevity.

Orange You Glad You Read This Article

Although most doctors would recommend drinking water and avoiding those sugary drinks, there is one substitution that provides profound benefits. What could this possibly be? No other drink provides more health benefits than a cold glass of OJ. OJ/Citrus fruits are known for their overwhelming contents of vitamin C, which supports the immune system, but do far more than just fight infections. OJ also contains tons of fiber with one large orange containing 18% of your daily intake.

So Many Health Benefits

Not only does oj contain health benefiting vitamins and a high fiber content it also helps prevent/reduce risk of kidney stones. Oranges also contain a high folate count, which helps with the creation of DNA and new cell growth.  Worried about protecting your heart? Orange juice helps reduce inflammation in your body. This is due to its anti-inflammatory contents as well as being able to ward off metabolic syndrome.

Orange Juice The Underrated

Besides having a high fiber content, orange juice can also help battle cholesterol. Orange Juice is shown to help improve those levels. Wanting that radiant skin glow? The antioxidants found in OJ can help fight and protect your skin from sun and pollution damage. OJ provides tons of health benefits and by adding it to your daily meal, can have profound effects.

The Best Orange Recipes

If you’re convinced yet to have orange in your diet in some way each day, this one’s for you. There are plenty of different ways to include oranges in your daily meal. Whether that’s on the side, enjoying an orange barley pound cake, roasted chicken with citrus, or even in your salad there are tons of ways to switch it up. If none of these sound quite appetizing to you, check out this list of great orange infused food. Or if you’re a classic person stick with OJ after waking up and before you go to bed.

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