Bots Intergrated Into Health Management

One of the needs of the elderly population is someone who can always be there to check in on them. Seniors are can be independent, but someone in regards to helping track a senior’s health. Going back and forth between the doctor’s office becomes more of a hassle each time. Unless said persons memory is fantastic they will likely miss a couple of pills. What about checking vital health readings like heart rate and blood pressure? As we get older we must take extra precaution in order to keep up maintenance to continue to live a healthy life. With the knowledge of this situation, Samsung has been developing The Samsung Bot Care in order to help our elderly population do just that.

The Samsung Bot Care

Able to move through your house, with built-in AI features Samsung Bot delivers the extra help some seniors need. The bot has built-in sensors that allow it to check blood pressure and heart rate. It’s also able to keep track of sleep quality. Bot Care can also call emergency responders and track your medication intake. Looking for some guidance on how to exercise? Samsung Bot can provide its users with tips on working out and even a daily health briefing.

Bot Abilities & Extensions

Samsung has always created ways to help the senior population such as its app to help those with Alzheimer or those who are visually impaired. This new bot can be seen as a culmination of all their previous projects rolled into one. Samsung also revealed designs for Samsung Bot Retail, which streamlines ordering and payments and offers a personalized retail experience. They Also revealed Samsung Bot Air, which has the ability to purify the air as well as detect sources of pollution. Although not all three bots are necessary, when worked in conjunction can deliver the best AI help for seniors possible.

Health Management in The Future

With developments like this underway, we can expect more integration with AI support to help us monitor our health. These bots will continue to be developed over the course of the year and we are excited about the possibilities to transform health management.

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